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Oh My Goal
Oh My Goalers! We're starting a new game: "Comment of the Week"! Each week, we'll put your best comments directly into our videos! If you want to be featured, make sure to comment on all of our videos and community posts. They can be jokes, they can be opinions, they can be... anything! The comments with the most likes or that we enjoyed the most will be featured in our upcoming videos! Good luck!
Comment from : Oh My Goal

Mitch Wolves
This video reminds me of my dissertation. Could have been a couple of paragraphs. Stretched word count to 10,000.
Comment from : Mitch Wolves

chris heim
So he wasnt drunk anymore when the match started
Comment from : chris heim

KKS Bljad
In ligue1 everybody is drunk
Comment from : KKS Bljad

Diego Romero
You cant possibly be drunk
Comment from : Diego Romero

I hate the announcer... it’s like a really bad 90’s clip show...
Comment from : vengefulhero

Not drunk, hungover...
Comment from : Blanco

Wiput J
I WANNA SEE VIDEO FROM THAT MATCH..Was he really drunk???
Comment from : Wiput J

He definitely needs to drink more.
Comment from : Jaxseras

Chris Garcia
Cool story... it’s unfortunate there wasn’t any footage
Comment from : Chris Garcia

Did this guy say “Aiden Hazard”?!🤔🤔
Comment from : Z NATION

in belgium Kids @ shool drink beer instead of Milk
Comment from : G O

carl carlsons
Drunk is not drunk
Comment from : carl carlsons

Ronnie R
So he is not a Muslim?
Comment from : Ronnie R

Khemtrail Frank and the Climate Changers
worst video ever....
Comment from : Khemtrail Frank and the Climate Changers

bachajane logari
Hazard doesn't drink🙄
Comment from : bachajane logari

Lonnie Andrews
Hazard is actually a true piece of crap. But I love him because he’s a Chelsea hero.
Comment from : Lonnie Andrews

Trill Bans
me in sunday league
Comment from : Trill Bans

Jorge Paz
Now he’s drunk every match😭
Comment from : Jorge Paz

Yasin Jamac
With his recent form its safe to say he’s still drunk 😂
Comment from : Yasin Jamac

Flippy Bjørn
I like how you said that Ødegaard was a big flop when he was playing for vitesse. Think about doing some reserch. He actually got more assists than Frenkie de jong that season
Comment from : Flippy Bjørn

Nick 12
wait for the video of team evil
Comment from : Nick 12

So he wasn't drunk, he was hungover
Comment from : B B

Safvan Nibras
And you all think this story is true? 😂
Comment from : Safvan Nibras

Çsi Śji
Next video why is eden hazard always drunk
Comment from : Çsi Śji

That's my hero XD
Comment from : Omeganauts

Mitchell S
K but no highlights of the game or goals? What kinda bullshit video is this
Comment from : Mitchell S

Jack Rowley
I thought this bredda was Muslim. Haraam no?
Comment from : Jack Rowley

Aiden Hazard
Comment from : dnbmania

OkornTV Okorn
⚽Hapoel BEER Sheva⚽
- should sign him! 😂
I won this round 4 sure!

Comment from : OkornTV Okorn

Has this guy actually achieved anything fo4 his self, waste man
Comment from : Holmies

Raphael Sonderegger
He should drink more beer in madrid or he gonna flop in the end ...
Comment from : Raphael Sonderegger

Don't be fooled my people no one will ever be allowed to play soccer when drunk
Comment from : VERON NANJERO

Its haram
Comment from : Neptex

Lukas Paul Wedler
In Germany we call this a normal day in the ,,kreisliga"
Comment from : Lukas Paul Wedler

Ronaldinho type shit
Comment from : Ismari

jermaine penant done that for arsenal in the premiership, not some farmers league
Comment from : dwhbdhkwj

thats insane
Comment from : SGK

Naim Syed
I have one question why will you play when you are drunk
Comment from : Naim Syed

Salahudin Hussain
He drink beer and scored hatric in el Classico
Comment from : Salahudin Hussain

Erik Henksen
He was just tired, not drunk anymore, if he stopped drinking at 6am he isn’t still drunk in the evening! Nevertheless a great performence
Comment from : Erik Henksen

This narrator is so cringe. And the video editing is too😂but i do remember how shocked i was to hear about this, what a lad
Comment from : Matt

Raw Bee
Noone can goal after being drunk
Give my beer 🍻

Comment from : Raw Bee

Hanaan Malik
When zlatan drinks the drink gets drunk
Comment from : Hanaan Malik

Lazar Nikolic
Isn't he a muslim? Is he even allowed to drink? I have no idea because I am a Christ
Comment from : Lazar Nikolic

CR7 4 life
Who is better
People are obviously is going to like the comment cause it’s easier

Comment from : CR7 4 life

Electrofrags 77x
Hazard drunk beer and then got drunk and did not sleep this guy is a mad man
Comment from : Electrofrags 77x

beastmaster 69
He wasn't drunk when he was playing, clickbaiting piece of shit
Comment from : beastmaster 69

Ahmed Mohamed
Liars "Hazard doesn't drink alcohol "stop lying
Comment from : Ahmed Mohamed

Lolboii Lol
Drinking a little bit of alcohol actually improves your sharpness and ability
Comment from : Lolboii Lol

Lenin Vora
Now I know what the hell is happening to Hazard.
He isn't getting enough alcohol at Madrid.

Comment from : Lenin Vora

Stop drinking before a game
Comment from : MU54M1L 4LI

Tasha Salah
Comment from : Tasha Salah

Amal o
You’re the best you tuber in the world but can you post information about Mohamed salah
Comment from : Amal o

But he misses an open goal
Comment from : Rickkry

Morayan11 ,
Like how many goals you think he’s scored already
Comment from : Morayan11 ,

Madara Uchiha
So he is rock lee
Comment from : Madara Uchiha

DYBALA the Argentine 21
What the hell happened to Oh my goal
Comment from : DYBALA the Argentine 21

Cl L
Bestie was hammered every game and still banged them in lol
Comment from : Cl L

XxKing FahimxX
Ronaldo: Hatricks are easy.

Hazard: Hold my beer.

Also Hazard: Wait Ronaldo u don’t need to hold it, let me drink it first.

Comment from : XxKing FahimxX

mito x tudo sem salada
Hazard is trash
Comment from : mito x tudo sem salada

Liam -L
When Ronaldo is dead and do his celebration siii
Comment from : Liam -L

Whos here after the hazard miss against galatasaray!
Comment from : LyfeTV

Yaqoob Ahmed
Hes a muslim so that is probably fake
Comment from : Yaqoob Ahmed

Daanvdw 123
This is bullshit lol
Comment from : Daanvdw 123

Abdullahi Ahmed
This channel is getting weirder by the day
Comment from : Abdullahi Ahmed

rafi Ahmed is certi
hazard gets drunk and scores a hatrick

Marcos alone a gets drunk and kills a woman

Comment from : rafi Ahmed is certi

Comment from : GREEK GAMER13

Abdi Abokar
I dont know if it was only me but i thought he was muslim
Comment from : Abdi Abokar

Nova 08
Did you know CR7 had plastic surgery?
Comment from : Nova 08

Hazard doesn’t drink
Comment from : rafiktheking

Ketupat Sayur
I bet paul gascoigne would laugh at this and call him noob..
Comment from : Ketupat Sayur

It actually hurts when you say 'Aiden' instead of 'Eden'...

It's pronounced 'ed - en '

Just trying to help.

Comment from : Brooks

Rosendal Jr.
is it even allowed to play while drunk?
Comment from : Rosendal Jr.

George Parker
A little bit of click bait 😂😂😂
Comment from : George Parker

Ayub Ali
I l.
Comment from : Ayub Ali

young bn
Nobody: you can't score a hatrick whilst you're drunk.

Hazard: hand me a beer.

Comment from : young bn

Me every saturday
Comment from : SupremePuddi

Matty Want beef
He had a day to recover
Comment from : Matty Want beef

Kacper Dlugosz
What do Chelsea and the U.S Navy have in common?

They both spent 50mil on a sub.

Comment from : Kacper Dlugosz

X-_ M4tRiX
He has to drink more
Comment from : X-_ M4tRiX

Joshua Nketia
Hi me i just made a oh my goal!!
Comment from : Joshua Nketia

man george best would be proud of him
Comment from : AMZ GAMING playz

Abrar Lampard
People say he s a muslim. Is that true??
Comment from : Abrar Lampard

No one:
Not a single soul:
Not even Big Chungus in the Area 51:
Not even Shaggy 0.1% power:
Zlatan: My nama Jeff

Comment from : Rad

aysha hussain

Comment from : aysha hussain

Super Saiko
Now, Zidane knows how to make hazard score hat tricks: get him drunk
Comment from : Super Saiko

Mahdi Alhachamy
isn’t he muslim
Comment from : Mahdi Alhachamy

EdwardSoccer 12
How can he do that when he can even score a goal eating big macs
Comment from : EdwardSoccer 12

Poopy Dodo
Comment from : Poopy Dodo

shady mansour
What do you call a book with no tittle


Comment from : shady mansour

Josh Collins
1:08 when the k takes over and you’ve reached the 4th dimension
Comment from : Josh Collins

lt beats 2306
My best friend Billy had a ten foot willy and he showed it to the girl next door they thought it was a snake so they hit it with a take and now it's two foot four
Comment from : lt beats 2306

De what what
I thought Muslims don’t drink 😂🍺☦️
Comment from : De what what

MAB Gaming
I love oh My goal
Comment from : MAB Gaming

ameer yousef
When some random person has more likes then the YouTuber himself😂
Comment from : ameer yousef

max and riley are the best
Comment from : max and riley are the best

Omar Gaming
Comment from : Omar Gaming

Have a drink.
Comment from : VIZUAL ASSASSIN

Samurai 8
Me: skips to the end

Comment from : Samurai 8

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