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UltraMLPMM Munetes
I'm surprised that this is his first hat-trick
Comment from : UltraMLPMM Munetes

Ike O.
Comment from : Ike O.

which is the best hattrick so far in the bundesliga?
lewandowski: like

Comment from : ahmadaakhan

Big Head Peanut
I would like to report pace abuse to EA.
Comment from : Big Head Peanut

Next season sell Salah n bring in Timo
Comment from : Bancha

Fencill Man
BTEC Theo Walcott
Comment from : Fencill Man

Loftus Blake
And does nothing for Germany yet he Brandt and Draxler kept Sane out of the world cup
Comment from : Loftus Blake

Gabriel Clarke
Bout time Werner, jeez man.
Comment from : Gabriel Clarke

Seban Thomas
It's time for him to move to la liga
Comment from : Seban Thomas

Wältër STT
My favorite Werner
Comment from : Wältër STT

Mark apolo
How is this guy not in an elite club
Comment from : Mark apolo

How perfect would he'd be for Chelsea
Comment from : ALAN

Богдан Клачко
Welcome to Dynamo Kyiv!))
Comment from : Богдан Клачко

Ronaldo Juarez
He should of done that in the World Cup of 2018 against Mexico
Comment from : Ronaldo Juarez

saman sa
Pathetic defending, are they even trying to stop the striker🧐🧐
Comment from : saman sa

Dwaipayan Datta Roy
So smooth like scripted movue shots 👌🏼
Comment from : Dwaipayan Datta Roy

yaqub hussaini
German strikers are cursed till 2022 😂
Comment from : yaqub hussaini

The kop YNWA
Go to liverpool🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🎊🎉🎇🏆🏅
Comment from : The kop YNWA

Where’s my penis?
You scored this many goals but just getting a hat trick???

That’s shocking.

Comment from : Where’s my penis?

kashmira JOSHI
He's too fast for Bundesliga
Comment from : kashmira JOSHI

NMX 120
If Leipzig win the league, Werner gonna get like 20+ goals.
Comment from : NMX 120

Jorge Land117
Timo Werner its good in Leipzig but when he plays in the germany team it's a very, very bad Player, i dont understand why Löw doesn't Summon Thomas Müller because he is much better than Werner
Comment from : Jorge Land117

Dapur Makan
He will join bayern if lewandowski retire
Comment from : Dapur Makan

Felipe 10
Borussia need him
Comment from : Felipe 10

Timo Werner menggila musim ini
Comment from : ANDROID SOCCER

wescheller Azevedo
joga dmais o mlk
Comment from : wescheller Azevedo

Raja D Law
Calon striker masa depan Bayern Munich
Comment from : Raja D Law

if only he did this for germany
Comment from : MS.10

tal sherer
Why are liverpool fuc*ing signing him jeez
Comment from : tal sherer

One Rovers Vlogs
Quality player
Comment from : One Rovers Vlogs

Lal Shrestha
He is good only with open playing team
Comment from : Lal Shrestha

Ankle Socks
Btec jamie vardy
Comment from : Ankle Socks

Ayaan Rashid
My god he is Quick, 92 or 93 Pace would be good for him in FIFA
Comment from : Ayaan Rashid

Valerio Tozzi
Waiting for you, Gladbach💛❤️
Comment from : Valerio Tozzi

Guillermo J Bello
It's a promising Bundesliga season with Lewandowski, Alcacer and Werner fighting for being the top scorer. I hope RB Leipzig and Bayer Leverkusen put a challenge to Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund.
Comment from : Guillermo J Bello

Ar. U1999
Really hope he can help his team finish above Bayern. I don’t care who does it really, Dortmund could too, I’m just sick of these teams across Europe making their leagues boring
Comment from : Ar. U1999

birkaran gill
Difference between rashford and Werner

One is a donkey who works tirelessly, but to no effect and the other is a footballer who is single handedly helping Leipzig stay top ,at least for the time being.

Comment from : birkaran gill

How To Do It
awesome Werner-trick
Comment from : How To Do It

jakk axn
He is very fast than most of the people thinks.... Even faster than sane
Comment from : jakk axn

Abdulla Al Jurdabi
he scored so many braces last season, a hatrick was on the way
Comment from : Abdulla Al Jurdabi

Koel Horkenna
Timo werner
Comment from : Koel Horkenna

Don'T Read My Name
timo werner is the only one benefited from Red Bull drink with his serial pace boost 😂
Comment from : Don'T Read My Name

Indila version 2.0
He should play for Atletico Madrid, with joao felix
The attacking combination would be much more powerful

Comment from : Indila version 2.0

Afghani Cataloni
better than Griezmann and batter than Suarez, but Bartomeu just wants to destroy barca
Comment from : Afghani Cataloni

Servant Of Jesus Christ
That's how we need you to step up for the national team, we demand that kind of high standard performance from you, and you possess so much more quality than this, so come on!!!!
Comment from : Servant Of Jesus Christ

Ashiland Mitchell
When griezman gets older like 32 we should get him
Comment from : Ashiland Mitchell

Sisay Kinfe
This club has good players, giant clubs will start looking for them...
Comment from : Sisay Kinfe

Man Utd hello there is a good strike here
Comment from : Ralph

Marcus Fletcher
Usually gets a brace. Maybe this season he'll turn them into hat tricks
Comment from : Marcus Fletcher

Eric Istyawan
Ready for Bayern werner ??
Comment from : Eric Istyawan

Footy Malayalam
Werner is a German SpeedyBullet
Comment from : Footy Malayalam

Shawn Eshwara
Timo join Liverpool FC
Comment from : Shawn Eshwara

Werner = quick

Chelsea should spend 150£ and get sancho and him
Comment from : ZK

Bayern Bayern Bayern
Comment from : Semanathewhore

rebi qun
He is very fast player. Wow unbelievable😲
Comment from : rebi qun

And 12,000 more likes 500 more dislikes
Comment from : Semanathewhore

This video is going huge in 4 months
Comment from : Semanathewhore

youssef nayel
Comment from : youssef nayel

Those away kits are so nice!
Comment from : Travissaur

Talha Miah
Germany = Nah
RB Leipzig = Ohhhh Yeesssssss!!!!

Comment from : Talha Miah

marc saliba
I just hate this player always scoring against my team
Comment from : marc saliba

arham adyan
Join Liverpool plzz
Comment from : arham adyan

Harish RJ
With that pace he would fit perfectly into LIVERPOOL 🔥
Comment from : Harish RJ

When you play like the defender in the premier league, you'll never play in regular team anymore
Comment from : Squirtle

Rono Fenang
Timo is best for rb
Comment from : Rono Fenang

Steven Rodgers
I love the players, but I hate RB Leipzig.
Comment from : Steven Rodgers

Mark Walker
Comment from : Mark Walker

K4 Josiah
I know this is about Werner but Sommer has been in some tough spots first ronaldo dealt with him tnow Werner. Hope he bounces back he's a class keeper
Comment from : K4 Josiah

Foysal Ft
He is so good when he plays for RB Leipzig but when it comes for Germany😭He doesn't show that much😣
Comment from : Foysal Ft

Football Sheriff
Please sub to me 😔😔
Comment from : Football Sheriff

I love this channel
And Werner what a player
Admin please pin this comment

Comment from : EPC-DRACO-

hugo gomez
Underrated by FIFA
Comment from : hugo gomez

William Tegebäck
Werner is the best german
Comment from : William Tegebäck

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